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I don’t seem to be getting enough pulling power. Is there any way to increase the power?

Assuming you’re already in the lowest gear range and the engine is running at optimum horsepower rpm (1800-2000), the reel you are using is probably the culprit. Our machines, like all cable pullers, are nothing more than huge winches on a trailer frame. Maximum power, like a winch, is at the first wrap on the drum. With a friction drive puller, like ours, the power is applied at the outside diameter of the reel, rather than at the shaft. Therefore, the greater the outside diameter in relationship to the core diameter, the greater the leverage more power. Our pull ratings are established using our 805O BreakAway Reel. This reel has and outside diameter of 80″ and a core diameter of 24″. If you subtract the radii (40 minus 12 = 28) you determine you have a “lever” 28″ long that you are utilizing. Try to use reels that have the longest “lever” to get the most power. Also, try to use reels with wide flanges, This provides more friction surface against the rollers for optimum power.

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