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Why don’t you offer electric pendant remote control on your cable pullers?

The primary reason we do not offer remote control is safety. The secondary reason is maintenance. Lets tall about the safety aspect. Most people automatically equate remote control as safer. This is not necessarily so. Our pullers are designed to be operated from specific operator positions at either the front or rear of the unit. If the operator stays at those positions, he can see everything he needs to see and control everything he needs to control to perform his job correctly. And at those positions, he is not likely to put himself” in harms way.” With a remote pendant, the operator would have the ability to “stray” into a position that might put him in the “bite of the line.” We feel cable pulling machinery has to be operated “hands-on” to be safe. Our second concern, though less important an safety, is maintenance. All forms of remote control, be they hard wired, radio or infrared, require substantial maintenance. Each connection is another potential failure point. Elimination of such connections alienates those potential failures.

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